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Bar Azul: exquisite octopus and much more

by Carlos Vicente, 13/06/2015
Cured meat croquettes

Cured meat croquettes

Did you know octopus (“pulpo”) is a delicacy in Spain? Or that the Spanish region of Galicia is famous throughout the country for its cuisine? Bar Azul (Calle Corsega, 691) is a bar/restaurant in the Sagrada Familia area which sells one of the best octopus dishes in all of Barcelona. From the outside, you might think it’s nothing special, but we can assure you that the food is excellent.

Bar Azul is a fairly small establishment and quite a family-orientated one. The decor isn’t particularly trendy; more like something from another era, but all this adds to the restaurant’s authentic feel. It’s been dishing up handmade Galician food to the whole neighbourhood for decades. Furthermore, it’s far from the hustle and bustle of the centre (although close to the Sagrada Familia), and so is more or less tourist-free.

That said, the most striking dish from the menu is the pulpo, a real delicacy and one of the best that we’ve tried in Barcelona. Meaning that this is an obligatory stop for octopus-lovers. As well as octopus, there’s a good selection of Galician tapas on offer: beans and cuttlefish, cured meat croquettes, escalibada with goats cheese… They also sell a wide variety of meat (the entrecot looked pretty good, as did the pork ribs) and fish, although on this occasion we didn’t try them.


Beans and cuttlefish

The owners are very friendly, and always ready to give out free shots of the house licquor to close off any meal.

Bar Azul is a highly recommendable place to go for tapas with friends, family or colleagues. You could also go there on a date, although it’s not what most people would think of as being a typically romantic setting.

The price-quality ratio is excellent: the quality of the food is quite high and it’s not particularly expensive. So Bar Azul is a great choice if you decide to go for tapas in the Sagrada Familia area and a must-visit for octopus lovers in Barcelona. You won’t regret it.

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