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Bar Fidel: the best sandwiches in El Raval

by Carlos Vicente, 21/07/2015

bar fidelThe sandwiches from Bar Fidel (Ferlandina, 24) are as iconic a representation of the area of El Raval, Barcelona, as the MACBA or La Boquería Market. Behind a façade of a boring everyday bar that you probably wouldn’t normally go in, hides a real jewel of the area and a great place to eat close to La Rambla or El Raval.

Bar Fidel offers the best sandwiches in El Raval, and probably some of the best in Barcelona, too. This is serious stuff. Bar Fidel possesses a formula which has worked for years, and which satisfies the palettes of a huge crowd of experts who have it down as a benchmark of Barcelona town centre.

Bar Fidel’s great speciality are baguettes. They offer a never-ending menu of home-made, carefully put together sarnies (more than 60) for all tastes and palettes: chicken, pork, cheese, ham, sausage… mixed with a long list of delicious ingredients: camembert, melted cheese, asparragus, duch mousse, peppers, cream of roquefort, etc. They’re also a feast for the eyes, too – the bread is warm and crusty, the cheese melty and each one bearing a characteristic flavour. Sensational!

sandwich bar fidel

As well as sandwiches, you can order a couple of starters such as salads and tapas (we tried some original patatas bravas, which stood out from the norm due to their cut and mix of spices). Finally, make sure your meal comes to a fitting end with one of the magnificant home-made desserts on sale.

patatas bravas from bar fidel

Bar Fidel can be visited at any time of day, either for lunch or a snack as well as a light supper with a more than resonable price tag. The majority of the sandwiches on sale oscillate between €4.50 and €5, and we can assure you that you get a lot for your money. This might seem a lot for a humble sandwich, but we can assure you that it’s more than justified. Furthermore, due to the central zone the bar is located in, right in the middle of El Raval, it’s a great option for budget eating in the area. Bar Fidel allows you to eat very well for less than €1o, which is not true of so many places in the centre of Barcelona. Furthermore, it’s an ideal place for a first gin and tonic before continuing the night elsewhere.

The establishment is small in size and fills up quickly, so it’s a good idea to go early or book beforehand. Bar Fidel is ideal for visiting with friends. Although you could also take a partner there, the place’s size and tables so close together do not make for the most intimate atmosphere.

Finally, the waiting staff are friendly and approachable – and increasingly so the more visits you make to Bar Fidel. The only downside I’d mention is that sometimes service can be a little slow, given that the kitchen is small. At peak times, food can take a while to arrive, but the wait is well worth it.

Definitively, Bar Fidel is very popular amongst young people, and a great option to eat cheaply and cheerfully if you’re in El Raval or the centre of Barcelona. The sandwiches alone make it an absolute must.

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