The best cafés with WiFi to work in Barcelona

by Penelope, 10/12/2016

These days, it’s more common than ever to take your laptop to a café and plug into the WiFi to get some work done. Whether you’re a student, freelancer or just feel like looking at cat memes, nothing is more of an inspiration killer than the waiter pointedly looking over your shoulder and asking if you need anything else. To avoid this situation, here’s a list of work-friendly cafés with WiFi in Barcelona to BYOD to.

TicTac (Sagrada Familia)

Gorilla Bar (Gràcia)

Coco Coffice (Poble Sec)

SandwiChez (Les Corts)

Carrot Café (Poblenou)

TacTic (Sagrada Familia)

Castillejos 287
TacTic is many things to many people – an escape room, private cinema and also a café where you pay by the minute (€0.06) rather than by the drinks you consume. This novel concept is enhanced by a welcoming space, with ambiental music, an alternative feel, comfortable sofas and friendly owners. And of course, an infalliable internet connexion. It’s been open since November 2015 and is still fairly empty, so get there before everyone finds out. We do think their coffee and tea selection needs a little work, though. So good I also gave it a mention in my other blog, Self Employed in Spain.

cafe wifi barcelona

Gorilla Bar (Gràcia)

Torrent de l’Olla 39
Large tables and a fast WiFi connexion show that Gorilla Bar was clearly set up with the intention of being a great space to work in. You’ll find a range of people sitting here with their laptops and holding mini-meetings, most of whom tend towards the more youthful side of the age scale. You can get a decent coffee and some snacks, although don’t expect wonders in the way of food – this is primarily a place to chew on ideas. Does tend to fill up during evenings and weekends – get here early to avoid disappointment.

Coco Coffice (Poble Sec)

Manso 17

Coco Coffice another set-up where, like TacTic, you can pay by the hour and not the amount of drinks you consume. It’s an elegant bar/coworking space, with a serene, cosy atmosphere. Staying focused in such a tranquil place is not difficult, but if you want to lift up your head and have a chat with some of the other visitors you’ll find a group of diverse, inspiring people. Who knows, you might even find your next partner, supplier or client here?

SandwiChez (Les Corts)

Capità Arenas 3
SandwiChez is a mini-chain of cafés located around Barcelona. In particular, the one situated in the office district of Maria Cristina is well geared up towards the laptop-wielding office crowd. Not dissimilar from the kind of working café you’d find in a city like London, SandwiChez offers good WiFi, quality coffee and a peaceful, work-conducive atmosphere.

Carrot Café (Poblenou)

Tànger 22
Café to work in, BarcelonaUnder other circumstances, Carrot Café might feel a little sterile to make it onto our favourites list. However, there’s no denying that this is a great place to work in. It’s spacious, filled with natural light and large tables, and (unlike many cafés in Poblenou) is more geared up towards the business crowd than families or friends out for lunch. You can order coffee and the standard drinks as well as light lunch options, such as hamburgers and salads. A great place to bring that client you want to impress (don’t tell them you’ve just come from the beach).

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