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Café Godot: a multi-purpose bistrot in Gràcia

by Carlos Vicente, 25/01/2016

It’s getting more and more common to find charming places amongst the streets of Gràcia which offer a variety of drinks, snacks and meals at any time of day. Café Godot is one of these, and, without a doubt, one of the best. It’s not easy to find somewhere you can go whether it’s morning, night or siesta time and find a great atmosphere regardless. Café Godot covers everything from having a coffee to ordering a full meal, via weekend brunch, a light bite with your other half, full-on family meal or simply taking your laptop down here to work. You’ll be welcome at any time of day in Café Godot, as well as being able to try out an interesting culinary selection.

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Café Godot (Sant Domènech, 19) is situated next to the Plaça de la Vila de Gràcia, in an unbeatable location that makes it an instant win amongst local people and tourists who are fascinated by its attractive decoration. Right from the offset you know that there’s something special inside and that you’re not standing before your average establishment. Doubtlessly, the decoration and atmosphere that’s generated as a result are some of the strong points of Café Godot, which belongs to the same group as japanese restaurant Kibuka.

Inside the stone walls of the interior is a welcoming vibe which will transport you back in time to another age and another city. The restaurant is divided into two differentiated spaces: on one side, there’s a large salon with small tables and a large one for sharing next to the window. All of this is bathed in dim lighting and faint background music that’s ideal for a romantic moment. On the other side, there’s a smaller, longer room with two large tables for sharing, as well as a kids’ corner where little ones can play (an important detail if you’re coming with your family).

Brunch in Café Godot

In terms of the food, we’re fans of going to Café Godot for brunch, although that’s not your only option by a long shot. The menu is short, but amongst different types of eggs, salads, sandwiches and hamburgers there’s a decent amount of choice. Off the eggs, my personal favourite eggs benedict are tasty, although a little reduced in size compared to other places we’ve tried. On the other hand, the sandwiches are very good. We tried the marinated salmon with yoghurt sauce, aromatic herbs and curly kale and it was delicious. All of this washed down with a tasty natural fruit and vegetable smoothie.

cafe godot eggs benedict

In general, you can tell that the dishes are created with good ingredients. Café Godot plays around with modern presentation, mixing more classic elements with others closer to Mediterranean cooking. At midday, you can get a set menu for €12, with a soup or salad to begin and then your choice of any of the dishes on the menu, as well as dessert or coffee and a drink. For dinner, there’s some original tapas (such as the fried calamares with wasabi mayonnaise), pasta, salad and a delicious list of sandwiches and hamburgers accompanied by a side of chips. Portions are not huge, but this does have a solution: a delicious dessert to close off the meal, such as the cardamom crème brûlée, creamy tiramisu or a warm chocolate cake with passion fruit ice cream.

The best bit by a long shot is being able to enjoy your food in a setting that invites you to relax, the intimate, peaceful, modern environment and attentive service. The only issue, in my opinion, is that the price is a little high for the quantity offered and the range of dishes (salads are at 8-9 euros, sandwiches 8-9 euros and hamburgers 10 euros). But this is nothing new: if you want to eat in a fashionable area that is both popular among locals and tourists, this is the toll you pay.

For me, Café Godot is the ideal place to enjoy an informal meal or a brunch over the weekend, whether you’re with your other half or a group, given that you can share one of the large tables you can find in the venue. Don’t expect privacy of you come on a Friday or Saturday night, given that the closeness of the tables and buzz of the people around you give the place a livelier feel. But at any other time of day or week, it’s a great place to take someone for a romantic date. You can book for large groups of 8 or more, so it could also be a good option for a birthday celebration.

So if you’re passing through Gràcia, exploring its curious world of shops and bohemian atmosphere, Café Godot is without a doubt a recommendable place to stop and fill up on healthy meal options and an atmosphere that’s a perfect reflection of the neighbourhood.

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