Patataas bravas en Sants, Barcelona

La Mundana: the best restaurant in Barcelona (or Sants at least)?

by Penelope, 14/01/2018

One of the things I’d miss the most if I ever went to live in the country (which, after a hard day in the city, is something I occasionally think about) would be having such a wide selection of good food to hand. In Sants, where I live at the moment, you only have to walk for ten minutes to discover a mosaic of restaurants selling all kinds of food. One of these is La Mundana (Vallespir 93), which readers of El Periódico voted “Best restaurant in Barcelona” in 2016.

From the same owners as Bar Calders, La Mundana sells the kind of food that’s fashionable in Barcelona right now: traditional flavours broken down and reconstructed as something barely recognisable. And all this as a price which, given the level of involved, is very reasonable (you’ll need to pay around €35 per person with drinks included).


A different concept of food

Some of the key dishes to try for me are: the “surprise” egg (made from various types of foam), the burrata and the calamares (in a tasty Asian lime and chilli sauce). The desserts are also spectacular: personally, my favourite is the strawberry mochi, which comes with different strawberry preparations and crumble. Like any quality establishment, La Mundana also offers their own version of the humble patata brava, which is this case is rectangular.

As one of the other dinner guests commented: “it really is a different concept of food”.

The menu on offer in La Mundana is fairly sophisticated, but at the same time is managers to maintain a cosy, down-to-earth atmosphere. And as I already commented, the prices aren’t ridiculous: dinner for two with a decent wine will cost around €70.

This said, you can’t visit La Mundana on the fly. You absolutely must book, especially if you want to go during the week-end. Don’t hesitate to do so!

Have you dined in La Mundana? Tell us how you got on.

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