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Mil Miralls: a young, modern atmosphere in a versatile venue

by Carlos Vicente, 23/11/2015

Mil Miralls is a bar/restaurant in Gràcia, located close to the beautiful Plaça de la Virreina (Carrer de la Perla, 37), and is one of the most versatile options for going out in Gràcia. I’ve had the opportunity to drop by on various occasions: in order to enjoy some tapas and have a weekend brunch or dinner as well as just for a few drinks with friends.

One of the things I like most about Mil Miralls are its “special offers”. For example, with each Moritz or glass of wine they offer you a delicious montadito (small tapas on a piece of bread), or with each jug of beer they’ll offer you some patatas bravas. These factors doubtlessly make it an ideal place to pay a visit to at any time of day while you’re strolling through Gràcia.

The patatas bravas (€4) are the tapas I like best from this place, given that they’re freshly cooked, perfectly cut and turned, neither too crunchy or well done and are accompanied by a brava sauce with a soft spicy touch, served apart so you can bathe them as you wish.

mil miralls eggs benedict

In terms of the brunch option, I must admit that it’s not the best place we’ve tried in Barcelona, but it’s not bad. My dear Eggs Benedict were simply acceptable, given that here they’re served with fried eggs rather than the poached variety (a small detail that I hope they correct in the future). Perhaps the main issue with Mil Miralls is that it’s not a place specialised in brunch, although it does offer it as an option on weekends between 12 and 5pm, although with a limited offering of 4 dishes, as well as the tapas, wraps, salads, hamburgers and sandwiches that can be found on the standard menu.

That’s why I’d be more likely to recommend Mil Miralls as somewhere to go during the afternoon-evening, as you can find a young atmosphere with good vibrations in a place themed around the numerous vintage mirrors that give it its name.

Mil Miralls it not enormous, but there’s enough space to sit at a table as well as to grab something at one of the bars facilitated around the establishment. For dinner, we were lucky enough to find a space in a small room at the back of everything, which despite being next to the toilets, also allowed us to enjoy a certain privacy that came from being separated from the rest of the venue.

mil miralls japanesa hamburguer

When it comes to grabbing a bite to eat or full dinner, there’s quite a varied range of choice, including a mix of tapas, wraps (€7), full salads (€8), gourmet hamburgers (€9) and sandwiches (€6.50). The majority of us opted for the hamburgers, which, despite their tastiness and interesting mix of ingredients, might be too small for those who love to tuck in.

A disadvantage of Mil Miralls is that, what with the music and the people it can become quite a noisy place at nighttime: ideal if you want to go out and let your hair down, but a bit annoying if you’re looking for a more tranquil evening. Also, despite the fact that the bar staff are friendly, the efficiency in terms of bringing out dishes could be improved, especially in peak moments where waiting times can become a trifle tedious.

Despite this, Mil Miralls is somewhere I’d recommend to go for something simple and unpretentious, as well as to enjoy a drink after dinner and sound the starting gun for a fun night out in Gràcia.

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