Torre Rosa Cocktail Bar: vermouths and cocktails in a magical setting

by Carlos Vicente, 15/06/2015

bar-torre-rosaTorre Rosa cocktail bar (Calle Francesc Tàrrega, 22) is one of the most pleasant, authentic settings for a cocktail or vermouth in the barrio of Congrés i els Indians, Sant Andreu. To begin with, the bar’s main highlight is its highly original setting: a turn-of-the-century Indian mansion, painted a rosy tone (where the name comes from), which is beautifully decorated and has a spectacular garden terrace area.

Torre Rosa operates as a cocktail/gin and tonic bar from 7pm to 2.30am on weekdays (3am on Fridays, Saturdays and holidays), while on Saturdays and Sundays it also offers vermouth and nibbles between noon and 4pm.

We particularly liked Torre Rosa as a venue for a weekend vermouth. It’s a charming, peaceful place to frequent with friends or your other half, with all the ingredients you need to have a great time in the garden sipping on a delicious vermouth/spritz/Bloody Mary/Dry Martini/Kir Royale/Mimosa… (the list goes on).

Lounge bar in BarcelonaAs well as the vermouth, they offer by way of accompaniment several tapas dishes that always go down well: the tuna belly (fillet) is fantastic, and there’s also a wide range of aperitivos such as cockles and clams,  mussles, anchovies, etc.

If you’re more of a night owl than an early bird, Torre Rosa is also an ideal place to go for a cocktail or gin and tonic. They offer a drinks menu with more than 40 brands of gin and 6 tonics, so there’s one to suit every palatte. In terms of price, it’s not exactly cheap (the majority of gin and tonic oscillate between 10-12 euros), but both the atmosphere and the space deserve it. The garden terrace is surrounded with palm trees and hundred-year-old pines, as well as a spectacular lounge area which is great for summer nights.

As we mentioned, Torre Rosa is a great place for a weekend vermouth with friends in a pleasant setting, as well as a stunning venue for a relaxed gin and tonic with your partner or friends. Given it’s distance from the town centre, it’s a very peaceful place, and one where you can easily immerse yourself in another era of Barcelona’s history.Bar Congrés Indians

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