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Meatpacking Bistro: a piece of New York in Sant Gervasi

by Jordi Alabern, 07/12/2015

If you like a good brunch, you probably already know that Barcelona as a city offers a plethora of options to satisfy your cravings for good eggs benedict, cake and organic juice. In this post, we help you discover a new alternative, where you’ll find lots of dishes made with an originality and sense of taste that really stands out.

We’re heading over to the Sant Gervasi neighbourhood, where the Travessera de Gràcia meets Aribau street. A large French window allows us to peer inside the Meatpacking Bistro (Travessera de Gràcia, 50), an establishment which makes no effort to hide a definite touch of New York in its decoration, table layout and lively, pleasant atmosphere. You won’t just find groups of hipster friends and “Sex and the City” copycats amongst its clientele: there’s also whole families with three generations included, especially on Sundays.

meatpacking bistro

Inside the café, you’ll find a host of tasty options with an air of Manhattan about them to fill the spot between breakfast and lunch, and without spending too much (you can eat very well for €15 – €20; like everything, if you order large quantities the bill will go up too). We advise that you order a main, perhaps share a starter and keep some space to go halves on a dessert with someone else. Portions are abundant. Although there’s some set menus, it’s worth taking a leap and opening your mind to the à la carte menu: you won’t be limited to certain options with room for improvement, such as a too-strong Bloody Mary.

To start the brunch at Meatpacking Bistro

One of the starters we liked most from this restaurant are the Dandy’s Nachos, which are ideal for sharing with your other dinner guests. And just by reading the menu you can already tell that they’re not going to be any old nachos. Get prepared, because the menu recites: “Nachos as we like them. With a lot of everything”. And it’s true, because it’s not often you’ll see this snack covered with such as generous (yet balanced) quantity of cheese, tomato, gherkins and a soft tartar sauce, with a taste that elevates these nachos to the best currently on offer in Barcelona.

Brunch at Meatpacking Bistro: the main course

Now that you’re building up an appetite, the options for continuing (or starting, why not) are numerous. For lovers of poached eggs, any of the possibilities will be a hit. You can enjoy some decent Eggs Benedict, with a base of toasted bread or a sweeter touch, on top of a waffle (always accompanied by crunchy bacon, caramelised onion and Hollandaise sauce). An interesting variety are the Eggs Florentine (with spinach instead of bacon and onion) or the Eggs Norwegian (where smoked salmon shares the lead). The fourth option, and the most intense, are the Huevos Rancheros: served fried and with wheat tortillas, fried beans, pico de gallo and chorizo.

brunch meatpacking bistro

The alternative to egg-based dishes are the sandwiches (gluten-free bread available for celiacs). A selection of sarnies that you can order with your favourite garnish, with a unique touch. Of these, we went without a doubt for the Yellowfin Tuna Burger. A spectacular tuna tartar, bathed in a soft wasabi mayonnaise and fine, crunchy bread. Seriously, this is an amazing sandwich – don’t hesitate to try it if you’re the least bit curious. Furthermore, even more standard options are perfectly crafted, such as the Meatpacking Burger (with bread from the Turris bakery) and the Club Sandwich (chicken, bacon, lettuce and special sauce).

Not a fan of intense, unknown flavours? Or maybe you’ve got a friend with you who’s among the pickier type… No problem: recommend the Spaghetti & Meatballs and they’ll be over before you can say “Lady and the Trump”.

Shall we finish the brunch with a dessert?

We mentioned above that you should keep a corner for the dessert. Any of these would be a good choice, but there’s two clear choices if you really want to get stuck in: the NY Cheesecake (creamy cheesecake with fruit of the forest jam) and Marta’s Lemon Pie (home-made pie with lemon cream). Delicious!

You’ll feel right at home in the Meatpacking Bistro, and part of this is down to the staff. The waiters are sufficiently attentive to ensure a more than adequate service and respectful enough to not badger you with unnecessary questions. The price won’t seem that excessive for the quality you’ll enjoy, and as if that weren’t enough, if you go during summer you’ve got the option of enjoying your brunch in the open air, on the terrace set up on the street corner.

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