brunch federal café

Federal Café: much more than a café

Sometimes, you have the opportunity to visit a place which just gives you good vibes. You don’t know why but you feel at home and content, and when you leave you feel as though you’ve enjoyed a unique experience that was worth the visit. This, in reduced terms, is the … Continue reading

goliard pata de pulpo con crema de patata

Goliard: creative Catalan cuisine in Gràcia

The district of Gràcia is, without a doubt, one of the most popular leisure areas in Barcelona, and offers an infinity of registers for all palettes and pockets. From vermouth bars and traditional informal tapas at the bar, to cheap takeaway food stands, passing by world cuisine restaurants and more … Continue reading

parrillada de carne el caliu de l'eixample

El Caliu de l’Eixample: low-cost meat grill

El Caliu de l’Eixample is a brasserie located in the centre of Barcelona (Valencia 329), which offers a classic formula which has been functioning perfectly for years, with meat as the star ingredient. Making your way through the rustic decoration, you’ll find yourself in a place which could be a … Continue reading

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