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Vino Mío: probably the best restaurant in Horta

by Carlos Vicente, 10/11/2015

Aside from gastronomy, cinema is another passion of mine. There’s nothing that makes me happier in this life than leaving the auditorium with the feeling that a film has awakened my curiosity or senses, especially when this is to the point that it even makes me forget the entry fee.

Vino Mío will have the same effect on your palate as a magnificent film would on your heart or mind. Not only is Vino Mío probably the best restaurant in Horta, it’s also made a vertiginous entry in my Top 10 favourite restaurants in Barcelona.


Vino Mío was a blast of fresh air for us, and it was a nice surprise to find it in the centre of Horta (Tajo 19). It’s the holy grail of a place completely set away from the hustle and bustle of Barcelona city centre, and where you’re unlikely to come across tourists, greasy spoons or inaccessible prices. It’s a restaurant which has worked out how to add its traditional, “your local down the street” aesthetic to a unique culinary offer, complemented by a selection of wines which any sommelier would appreciate.

One of the things that most stands out about Vino Mío is the way it’s divided into two different parts, meaning there’s something for everyone. The downstairs floor operates as a traditional tavern/bar, where you can enjoy some informal tapas while standing up; upstairs you’ll find covered tables so you can eat sitting down in a more formal (albeit relaxed) atmosphere. There’s also an outdoor terrace, leading onto a busy neighbourhood street.

Vino Mío offers a range of Mediterranean food, made with fresh, quality products, and an exquisite mix of traditional homemade dishes with a creative touch from chefs clearly at home in high cuisine. The reality is there’s a very varied menu, and you’ll want to try everything on it.

During our visit, we decided to choose a selection of original, quality tapas: potato “segments” with hazelnut and tomato sauce (one of the best takes on patatas bravas that we’ve tried in Barcelona); stacked aubergine with brie (a real delicacy); the mini-cannelloni, filled with duck, béchamel sauce and foie (a spectacular mixture of textures); the Iberian pork carpaccio with flakes of dry cheese and a honey and mustard emulsion (incredible), accompanied with crusty, tasty bread.


Aside from the fact that all the tapas dishes offered a delicious explosion of taste, I also loved the presentation and the range of textures and flavours. Furthermore, you can tell that the dishes are prepared with care, and an exquisite sense of attention to detail. Finally, one of the characteristic notes of Vino Mío is the excellent wine menu, which offers ample chance and a spot-on choice of wine to accompany their delicious dishes.

The price-quality ratio in Vino Mío is fantastic, and difficult to better in Barcelona, where we’re used to paying much more for much more mediocre quality and service. Perhaps one of the secrets of Vino Mío is that the chef knows how to combine ingredients perfectly, and keeps adding new offers to the already fantastic menu, which means that each visit is a new experience for your taste buds.

In terms of the service, the waiting staff (who are young and amicable) treat customers in a friendly, welcoming way, as well as being fast and efficient. Furthermore, if you’re lucky you’ll get a free tapas at the beginning and a free shot at the end of your meal, which is always nice and happens less and less frequently.

Vino Mío is a suitable restaurant for sharing a few tapas dishes in the Horta area, whether you’re with friends or your partner. The result will always be to your liking.

We highly recommend Vino Mío, given its quality, presentation, service and prices. It’s a great place for palates that appreciate creative food, and that value a good wine as an added bonus to an excellent meal. The reality is that you’ll have a fantastic meal and get to try plenty of new things, so it’s a must-visit from any part of the city, even if it’s a bit far out for some.

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